Saturday, 7 July 2012

The odor sensor nanotechnology NASA smartphone

Effort to the attachment for a smartphone using nanotechnology sensors was developed (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has been NASA. Are expected to be the state of health as can be seen that can check whether there has been contamination of the air surrounding a smartphone, just breathe.
Attachment to the chip located in the small rod-shaped nano-sensors are lined up 32. Each nanosensor is a substance with a different structure, it is possible to detect a variety of chemical substances. Originally used in the technology has been developed to investigate the leakage of spacecraft fuel, or to monitor current has not been contaminated gas inside the International Space Station. Power consumption of the chip is as small as 5 milliwatts, you can increase the battery consumption of smartphones, he said.
Are expected to use as a scene is assumed, was to detect carbon monoxide in the home, chlorine, ammonia, and methane, and available to a small sensor can be anywhere. The application being developed so that up automatically, such as the Department of Homeland Security data, in case of emergency such as when a large number, if used in the field smartphone with this sensor, the air has been contaminated by chemicals overall picture can be able to understand and take advantage of such as evacuation.
It's also so can also be used to test the state of health. Blood glucose levels in diabetic patients and the amount of acetone contained in the breath I have a strong correlation, contains a lot of a particular substance is also the breath of patients with lung disease for example ─ ─, the case of lung cancer is the concentration of nitrous oxide will increase ─ ─ for, if Fukikakere the breath to smartphones, that will enable simple diagnosis anywhere, anytime.