Sunday, 15 July 2012

Samsung is preparing a new smartphone communicate in chat rooms

Samsung has announced a new smartphone Galaxy Chat. The device is intended for those who like communicating in chat rooms. In this model, both a touchscreen and QWERTY-keyboard, the official blog.
The smartphone has a proprietary pre-messenger called ChatON. This program will be run by pressing a special button on the keyboard. Galaxy Chat operates on the basis of the Android operating system version 4.0.

The weight of this model is 112 grams, and shell thickness 1.2 cm. Rear panel of the unit contains a camera with a resolution of two megapixels. Smartphone Galaxy Chat with four gigabytes of internal memory, while there is support for cards microSD.

Communication capabilities allow Galaxy Chat to connect to Wi-Fi network or exchange data using Bluetooth. In the near future, Samsung plans to introduce a version of the smartphone and LTE-networks , but has not yet decided what frequencies will be maintained.

Model Chat has a display diagonal of three inches, and its resolution is 320 by 240 pixels.

Samsung Smartphones at this time are the most popular on the market of mobile devices. Line Galaxy with its new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S 3, which is the best in its class thanks to its high performance. On the Internet there are plenty of sites where you can find the programs and games for Samsung Galaxy S 3 .

The smartphone should be available in stores in July. While Samsung did not announce the price, indicating only that the price is quite affordable. Sales of this model will start from Spain. Later Galaxy Chat and hit the markets of other European countries, as well as the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Galaxy Chat - this is not the only model from Samsung with a QWERTY-keyboard, a popular line of Galaxy . For example at the Galaxy Y Pro also has a keyboard, and the device is running Android 2.3.

Smartphone Samsung Omnia M

Samsung Omnia M complements the range of Samsung devices on the platform of Windows Phone , previously provided smartphone Samsung Omnia W . Novelty is equipped with a screen diagonal of 4 inches and a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels, manufactured by a proprietary technology Super AMOLED, which makes the device ideal for entertaining and working with mobile content.
Samsung's second smartphone platform, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, available in Russia, thanks to its performance processor with a frequency of 1 GHz. It is equipped with 4 GB of internal memory and 1500 mAh battery. Communication Service connects users ChatON all mobile platforms in one community where you can send messages and share with friends as text messages and pictures, photographs, and other multimedia content.
Thanks to the Samsung AllShare you can play movies, photos and music files on your TV screen when you connect to the network Wi-Fi. Appendix Photo Studio makes editing photos, and upload the pages users in social networks. Cloud service Windows Live SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free storage for photos, videos, documents and memos Office OneNote. Samsung Omnia M is compatible with the Xbox 360 gaming console. On the phone you can access your account in the Xbox LIVE and view information about the games, charts and other content Xbox LIVE. The device went on sale in Russia in early July. The suggested retail price of 10,990 rubles a smartphone.
Characteristics of Samsung Omnia M:
  • OS - Windows Phone 7.5
  • Network - HSDPA 7,2 Mbit / s
  • Display - 4-inch Super AMOLED (800x480 pixels)
  • Camera - 5 megapixel on the main with autofocus and flash, front VGA (for video)
  • 3.5mm headphone input, a stereo FM radio with RDS
  • A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n), microUSB 2.0
  • Sensors - an accelerometer, digital compass sensor approach
  • Memory - 4 GB + 384MB (RAM)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery 1500 mAh
  • Size - 121,6 x 64,1 x 10,5 mm
  • Weight - 119 grams
Source: Samsung

Thursday, 12 July 2012

10 rules that will help the application to the recommendation from the Google Play

Today, the Android platform available to more than 600,000 applications, which are very easy to get lost. One of the most reliable way to stimulate downloads - is getting the application in Google Play title of "Editor's Choice", but so far the company has not explained what it is guided by principles to determine whether the application is suitable to receive such a recommendation.

At the conference, Google I / O, last week, patrons of all developers, Dan Galpin and Ian Lewis offered to developers for Android a few steps, following which they can increase the chances of your application to get on the list recommended by Google Play.

First, developers need to give your application support for high resolution. That is, It should work at least in the resolution of 720p. Lewis and Galpin also advised not to use the compatibility mode (Compatibility Mode) in the version of Honeycomb, as the increased schedule is not so clear.

It should not be changed or deleted from the screen "home" button Android. Sometimes the brightness of these buttons is reduced so that they can become virtually invisible during the game. Instead, developers should follow the principle of minimum intervention. As an example, click Back, which when clicked on it during game play to put the game on pause. Further, developers can give this key opportunity to display options or move the player to the previous screen, while pressing it on the main game screen should shut it.

Developers also need to make sure that the application provides a "painless" user experience. Here, for example, is "respect for life by", ie application, for example, should not be included and play a sound, even when the device is locked. Instead, the game must stop play sound as soon as the user puts them on hold, and shall not resume playing until the user returns to the application. Applications should require a minimum of permits. They are unlikely to fall into the list of suggestions on Google Play, if you will, for example, change the settings wi-fi, change / read information from contacts and calendars, send, and send SMS messages, etc.

The application must be reliable. The easiest way to achieve reliability - is, as said Galpin and Lewis, Testing Applications on the maximum possible number of devices Android, as graphics processors on different models are different, and different drivers can often cause crashes. Reliability is also important to make payments within applications. Most applications do not keep track of purchases and do not deliver the content for which users pay - these applications are not recommended.

Finally, Galpin and Lewis advised developers who already have a quality game, translate it into many languages ​​as possible to increase the potential user base. If a company lacks the resources to translate the game into several languages, the focus should be in English and Korean, as the Korean Android users with a special love for the games are on the platform.

Here are three easy ways to make sure that the application was not in the list recommended by Google Play. First, to use for payment of any other service provider other than Google. Second, allow the application to download other applications. How Galpin said, «Google Play - no place to spread your own application store." Third, players buy in-game rewards, so they wrote positive retsenizii. This approach is edited store the worst violation, and a game that does so will never get a recommendation. Of course, developers can ask users to leave comments, simply can not create conditions that require the players to positive ratings.

Galpin and Lewis said that their advice in any case are not the sort of set of rules, but it described their version of the criteria Google uses in evaluating applications.

Calculator for Android with the Ink Input

Absolutely magical application - a calculator that recognizes handwritten formulas.

MyScript Calculator can recognize the +, -, ×, /, √, the number Pi, brackets, exponentiation, and give results of calculations in real time.

The formulas can be written directly on the screen (for Smartphones - finger to padofonov - stylus, for example) and it's real fun - cleaner than the combination of a slingshot and birds.

Top 20 iOS and Android applications in 2012

As of mid 2012 for download on iOS and Android-devices available 1.2 million mobile applications. With so many choices available just one tapu - including dozens of worthy applications to be submitted to our court every day - the task of compiling a list of semi-annual "Best of the Best" new application is more complex (and enjoyable) than ever before.

Of the hundreds (if not thousands) of applications for iOS and Android, released in 2012, an application worthy to enter the list of the top 20, can do everything from assessing the value of homes in his pictures, to the accrual of loyalty points to users, just for watching them favorite TV programs. We also welcomed the long-awaited sequel to the game, which one way or another, has surpassed all our expectations.

Quick rundown of our coverage before you start. All selected applications have either been released for the first time or significantly updated in the period from January 1 to June 30 this year. Applications that debuted on iOS and Android, which were previously available on other platforms could also be included in the sample. All our candidates have been found, selected and ranked as the service Appolicious Advisors and members of our community. Overall, about a dozen editors from the team Appolicious proposed to submit their favorite application. We also interviewed the most active and influential members of the Web sites and applications Appolicious. We do not take into account the number of downloads of their applications, or general popularity. Our qualitative assessment is based primarily on the utility and the creative part, embedded in each of got in our list of applications.

Come on, get down.

Top applications to iOS

Awesome Camera (iPhone, iPod Touch: free)

Although the sale of Instagram social networking site Facebook and has been on the front pages of all news media at the beginning of the year, best new application in 2012 was another photo-sharing service, which also helps you to make more beautiful pictures. Created site SmugMug, having a decade of experience in the field of photo-sharing, Camera Awesome - a revelation in Ayfonofotografii is another reason why many of us can throw away your digital cameras. In addition to the stunning interface with Camera Awesome There are several ways to dramatically improve your photos, including automatic exposure levels and color adjustments. All the possible predefined settings and filters are available within the application for $ 9.99 (or separately, by choice, for 99 cents a piece). Ability to capture video up to 5 seconds before you press the record button, it is also an excellent option. Finally, by using Camera Awesome very easy to share photos through your favorite social networking sites (including, in Instagram).

Pocket (Previously Read It Later) (Universal: Free, also available on Android )

Standalone application to "read later" can go into the category of endangered species in the fall after Apple will include your Offline Reading List in Safari as part of iOS 6. Until then (and maybe even after) the best application for the abandonment of bookmarks in the flow of information you're viewing (and virtually free of charge), remain Pocket. Formerly known as the Read It Later, in April, the application has undergone re-branding, which was not only a change of name and lower prices. New features in Pocket, which include the ability to easily view the video and images, as well as lists of articles, compiled on the basis of the net, do not overlap a simple and elegant user interface applications.

Khan Academy (iPad: free)

The best thing about this application is that it does not interfere with or distract from the expertise of video lessons, the teacher created a new generation - Salman Khan. More than 3200 educational videos that cover everything from "Getting the initial funding venture company" to "Earth Education" or "landings in the Bay of Pigs", divided into categories based on a simple system. Posted a video on YouTube with subtitles generously supplied with logs, which allows users to quickly and easily find a phrase or passage, which they may have missed a deaf ear.

TouchTV (iPad: free)

Supplier individually customized news content SkyGrid is an application TouchTV, which perfectly shows videos of broadcast and cable networks on the iPad. TouchTV plays videos (usually up to 5 minutes) from the 16 official providers, including ESPN, Bloomberg Television and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Although only one boot TouchTV enough to "cut the cord" from your satellite or cable TV provider, the application gives only a cursory overview of what the universe is able to provide cable TV to their users. TouchTV joined the search services such as video and Showyou Squrl (each of which has experienced a significant upgrade this year) among the best iOS-applications for watching videos on Apple TV at the moment.

Any.Do (iPhone, iPod Touch: free)

Our favorite Android-application in June 2011, finally got on iOS-devices. And this was worth the wait. Any.Do, which supports the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt, is a super-productive application that allows you to create and perform tasks at the touch of a finger. Ability to record voice instructions built into the application that allows you to create tasks without having to type the text manually. Also, you can share your task list with friends in the hope that they will help you cope with things.

Highlight (iPhone, iPod Touch: free)

This is a local social mobile application was first presented at the conference South By Southwest in the mid-2012. Highlight warns you when your friend or a member of Facebook with similar interests to yours, is somewhere nearby, and allows you to learn more about others Highlight, when they are in your area. As with similar services, including Sonar , Banjo, and Kismet, Highlight is effective only if a critical mass of other users in your region. While each of these services has its own strengths, Highlight, seems to be most likely from the mass of such applications.

Viggle (iPhone, iPod touch: Free, also available on Android )

Receive discounts from Amazon, Starbucks and Gap just for what you watch TV, like the American dream fulfillment. Viggle transforms it into practice, giving users the ability to register and earn loyalty points for watching their favorite television programs. The application works reliably, and also offers users additional features and entertainment in the form of simple questions, polls and tweets. 

Updated LinkedIn (Universal: free)

The best thing in the April update to iOS LinkedIn that the application is finally compatible and optimized for the iPad. Supposedly inspired by Flipboard (where it is more often used), LinkedIn works best as a social magazine on the iPad. The magic of LinkedIn on the iPad is that it integrates the information shared by your various contacts and displays your relationship with the sender in a way that does not represent any other application or site.

Clear (iPhone, iPod Touch: $ 2.99)

Clear is a list of tasks for those who want to move and develop. Although it lacks many of the functions vested in others, managers have long known targets, such as Omnifocus, and newcomers such as Any.Do, Clear differs in that it allows users to easily create categories and a list of things they should do and who fall within these categories. Beautifully designed application interface also allows users to sort tasks by priority and quickly remove them when they are completed.

HomeSnap (iPhone, iPod Touch: free)

Although HomeSnap and can not do much to restore U.S. housing market in the pre-crisis level, this application - with the help of augmented reality technology - can help you determine the value of the house just make it count. In addition to the price of the house, you'll be able to see information about nearby schools, data on the history of the house and the number of bathrooms and bedrooms that are available in this house. The application is not 100% reliable, but in any case, the information provided by the seller or broker.
Best games on iOS and Android

It is no accident that many of the most popular games released in 2012, is on both platforms. At that time, both on the Android platform to create games have their own limitations related to many different forms of devices and operating system versions, the developers realize that they need to work on this platform in order to avoid losing a huge part of their audience.

JAZZ: Trump's journey (Universal: $ 2.99, also available on Android )

Based on the biography of Louis Armstrong, JAZZ: Trump's journey, is one of the best platform games. With beautiful graphics, the atmosphere of New Orleans 1920s, user-friendly controls and, of course, killer soundtrack, Trump's journey has sufficient capacity and depth in order to attract experienced players, and their liveliness and sincerity, it can attract newcomers.

Angry Birds Space (iPhone and iPod Touch: $ 0.99, iPad: $ 2.99, smart phones Android : $ 0.99, Tablet Android: $ 2.99)

Since the beginning of an advertising company, which, literally, broke all records, it was feared that Angry Birds Space does not make it to the advertised level, or will a simple variation on the theme of the previous game. These concerns were taken off into the stratosphere as soon as we have been able to play it. With the new gravitational mechanism, amazing new birds, the darker the sky and the odd curious space aesthetics, Angry Birds Space, arguably the most successful and enjoyable application is updated throughout the twenty.

NOVA 3 (Universal: $ 6.99, also available for Android )

If you're a fan of first-person shooter, this game is for you. Developed by Gameloft, the game NOVA 3 of all similar products available on mobile devices, most likely a console game. In the NOVA 3 you have to fight the aliens and other enemies on several planets (including Earth destroyed by the war). In multiplayer mode you can team up with 11 players. At each passage beautifully animated level takes about 30 minutes. This is a great way to spend seven dollars.

Spellsword (Universal: $ 0.99)

Having a ferocious and addictive gameplay, unique mechanics, retro graphics and music, the game Spellsword - a new platform game in the world of sword and sorcery. Use your sword to defeat enemies, simultaneously launching fireballs. As you progress through missions and maps, you will get new spells and new enemies. The best thing about Spellsword that it lacks the ability to make domestic purchases, which means all the achievements of a player must make himself.

The best applications for Android

Many of the best releases of Android were originally designed for devices iOS. But we're only win when the best applications are available on different devices.

Flipboard (free)

Best Application in 2011 for the iPhone version of the site in June Techcrunch finally officially came to Android. Social magazine that offers news, photos and status updates, sent with your social graph, at the time have included the integration of YouTube. Flipboard - this is the best way to read content from third-party publishers on mobile devices. June 28 The New York Times presented a service NYT Everywhere, through which subscribers can read the newspaper in the application.

Instagram (free)

The emergence of Android Instagram very positive impact on the success of the application. During the week, Instagram has been downloaded more than 5 million times. A few days later the company acquired Facebook. This triumph makes it clear that in order to become a true pop-culture sensation, the application must be made available on iOS, and Android.

Google Drive (Free subscription is also available on iOS )

Google Drive - a better and more cost-effective solution for storing and sharing documents than Dropbox. For those who already use Google Docs, go to Google Drive - this is an obvious step. The application works seamlessly on all devices Android. June 28 application was available for iOS, and now it does not interfere start to dominate the market.

Airbnb (free)

Appeared in January on Android application Airbnbs, which had previously been available online and on devices iOS, it became something more than just copying and moving to another platform. Tools intended for rent abroad for the first time allowed the property owners and travelers to exchange instant messages to address all issues. The application has more than 200,000 housing options from around the world, as well as personal recommendations from travelers to people like Ashton Kutcher and Jack Dorsey.

Chrome (free of charge, only to devices with Ice Cream Sandwich, is also available on iOS )

If you are using Chrome browser on your PC and you have a smartphone or tablet platform Ice Cream Sandwich, the acquisition of this application, even to think nothing. Mobile and PC applications Chrome seamlessly interact with each other, which means that you can access their bookmarks and browsing history from your application. The application also allows you to navigate between tabs without having to go to the menu. Appendix Chrome supports voice search, add pages to your bookmarks and anonymous access. As with Google Drive, Chrome came out on the devices iOS June 28, during a conference Google I / O 2012.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

GALAXY S III in Europe and the United States become a hub of health care

While watching the screen and direct function calls that can originate phone GALAXY S III Samsung NTTdocomo have focused on about Mook that describes the functions are also published many books, and hit the ear a terminal display In addition to features such as auto Stay does not turn off, Osaifu-Keitai in Japan's first series has been of particular interest is. The most popular aircraft in the world, in Europe and the United States and South Korea come to be used as a hub of health management.
First, the application "S Health" offer has been initiated for the GALAXY S III users in the UK, to be converted into tables and graphs capture to smartphone via USB or Bluetooth blood glucose, a measure of blood pressure and body composition meter. Contents of diet and exercise, and medication is to be entered manually, other users will be able to check the status of their aggregates these health-related information management, sharing your status with others on Facebook or Twitter can be (but that will incorporate the social health care, what people Why or competing with friends and acquaintances and body fat percentage is unknown).
In the United States, this kind of application can be started to provide on that have been registered as (there is no significant impact on life) class Ⅰ of the (Federal Food and Drug Administration) FDA to regulate medical devices. However, it is interpreted by the application without the data from the (instrument) to display the device as it is a condition to be subject to regulation by the FDA.
Instruments available as well as Omron and A & D blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meters and other specific models of Lifescan. After the UK, has been scheduled to deploy United States, European countries, in your home country, South Korea, Japan for the deployment are not mentioned anything.
As has been noted that the ability to achieve S and health GALAXY S III but the novelty of so can not feel, that that claim to support health care as the key features of new products smartphone manufacturers other than Apple it.

The odor sensor nanotechnology NASA smartphone

Effort to the attachment for a smartphone using nanotechnology sensors was developed (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has been NASA. Are expected to be the state of health as can be seen that can check whether there has been contamination of the air surrounding a smartphone, just breathe.
Attachment to the chip located in the small rod-shaped nano-sensors are lined up 32. Each nanosensor is a substance with a different structure, it is possible to detect a variety of chemical substances. Originally used in the technology has been developed to investigate the leakage of spacecraft fuel, or to monitor current has not been contaminated gas inside the International Space Station. Power consumption of the chip is as small as 5 milliwatts, you can increase the battery consumption of smartphones, he said.
Are expected to use as a scene is assumed, was to detect carbon monoxide in the home, chlorine, ammonia, and methane, and available to a small sensor can be anywhere. The application being developed so that up automatically, such as the Department of Homeland Security data, in case of emergency such as when a large number, if used in the field smartphone with this sensor, the air has been contaminated by chemicals overall picture can be able to understand and take advantage of such as evacuation.
It's also so can also be used to test the state of health. Blood glucose levels in diabetic patients and the amount of acetone contained in the breath I have a strong correlation, contains a lot of a particular substance is also the breath of patients with lung disease for example ─ ─, the case of lung cancer is the concentration of nitrous oxide will increase ─ ─ for, if Fukikakere the breath to smartphones, that will enable simple diagnosis anywhere, anytime.