Saturday, 7 July 2012

GALAXY S III in Europe and the United States become a hub of health care

While watching the screen and direct function calls that can originate phone GALAXY S III Samsung NTTdocomo have focused on about Mook that describes the functions are also published many books, and hit the ear a terminal display In addition to features such as auto Stay does not turn off, Osaifu-Keitai in Japan's first series has been of particular interest is. The most popular aircraft in the world, in Europe and the United States and South Korea come to be used as a hub of health management.
First, the application "S Health" offer has been initiated for the GALAXY S III users in the UK, to be converted into tables and graphs capture to smartphone via USB or Bluetooth blood glucose, a measure of blood pressure and body composition meter. Contents of diet and exercise, and medication is to be entered manually, other users will be able to check the status of their aggregates these health-related information management, sharing your status with others on Facebook or Twitter can be (but that will incorporate the social health care, what people Why or competing with friends and acquaintances and body fat percentage is unknown).
In the United States, this kind of application can be started to provide on that have been registered as (there is no significant impact on life) class Ⅰ of the (Federal Food and Drug Administration) FDA to regulate medical devices. However, it is interpreted by the application without the data from the (instrument) to display the device as it is a condition to be subject to regulation by the FDA.
Instruments available as well as Omron and A & D blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meters and other specific models of Lifescan. After the UK, has been scheduled to deploy United States, European countries, in your home country, South Korea, Japan for the deployment are not mentioned anything.
As has been noted that the ability to achieve S and health GALAXY S III but the novelty of so can not feel, that that claim to support health care as the key features of new products smartphone manufacturers other than Apple it.


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